20 March 2008

Random quick thoughts before travel

In which the author has no time. And he likes it.

On friday I will go to São Paulo, to stay 2 days with Anna, and then on sunday I am finally going to meet my new city, Oslo. I am still not decided about taking the camera (nor if I want to take the digital or the mechanic). In fact, I am running around so much that it seems very probable I won't think of anything besides the basic.

I still have to finish 3 sessions for the conference, borrow some warm clothes from my uncle, dicover how to tie a tie, get a travel bag with another and so much more. My college's final paper didn't move on this week. What I know is that I should arrive at the airport near 14h of monday, get the train to the city center and then people will be there to pick me up for a great start of this fast-paced quick adventure. Man, I am nervous now.

Hello, cold feeling in my belly.

You may think I am complaining, but you couldn't be more wrong. It's great to feel not secure again, to explore a whole new reality, to discover how fragile our assumptions can be, to have the ingenuity of an amatur again. Life is full of colorful possibilities again.

Thanks a lot, world.

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