07 April 2008

Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday is a somewhat old movie by Oliver Stone, which I got to know thanks to Henrique Vedana and also in some AIESEC conferences. They always showed one scene of that movie: Al Pacino (the coach of the footbal team) is making a speech about the importance of the team and the achievement of small milestones in order to reach the end goal. It's a great speech (I used it as "inspiration" when I had to do the same with my previous team, BTMU, when they were underperforming - and it worked quite well)!

You can check the speech bellow:

And I finally saw the entire movie today, a sunday, and I have to agree that this film is completly about leadership: roles, effects, problems and so on. Definitely a must see for anyone interested in leadership, how to form teams (and how to destroy them also). I totally recommend it.

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