03 June 2008

Programs X Vision

Never read (to my shame) those Daniel Quinn books, but one thing that Henrique Vedana told me about it will be forever in my mind: the difference between program and vision.

Basically, the idea is that if you can put in a river branches, trash, grass, etc there and it will indeed create problems for the river to flow. But the river will keep flowing somehow, the water is strong. All the things you have put on the river, are “programs”, they create problems, but they don’t bring up a definitive solution. We are surrounded by programs (doomed to fail) against drugs, crime, global warming, you name it.

But the river is still flowing.The other type of solution, the one that really works, is vision. In the river analogy, the vision is the river flowing. Just by changing the river’s flow, the vision, you can really solve problems.

That doesn’t mean that programs are not necessary, for example for short-term counter measures, but they will eventually let the river flow if the vision is not changed.

Why do we focus on process that don’t achieve the end goal?

Why do we keep creating programs?

For me, changing the flow of this river is why the world needs leaders.

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