28 August 2008

IC 2008 mixed feelings

This is about IC content and how it relates to me.

IC has lots of sessions, some are related to AIESEC, some are related to personal issues (like the ones I told in the previous post) and some spaces are sold to companies so they can promote their brands and bring some value to us, while they profile themselves as a good choice for a career movement. In the war for talent, companies consider this as a good investment (and that definitely is, some companies that I never thought to work for seem pretty much a good option now, like Unilever, ING, Microsoft and DHL). Sometimes I feel valued, I mean, these companies fighting for us, for me, it makes some good impact in your self-esteem – and make you really be proud of being an AIESECer, because it seems organizations value our experience, values, profile, competencies, skills, etc.

But sometimes I feel bought – and bought cheap, by free stuff, like caps and bags or beer or anything.

I guess I am just going through a bad moment, caused by personal and professional stuff. IC is a very powerful experience, I can see now, because it seems I am having my first cultural shock related to Norway – even if I am in Brazil. Yeah, it’s strange, in these 2 months in Norway, I didn’t have any culture shock, but as I am back in Brazil (even though I feel in a global village with other 105 countries), I feel some pressing issues that are making me feel a little depressed, dazed and confused.

Maybe it’s just too much work and too little sleep, I don’t know.


  1. Hum... interesting. This is the feeling that I had after my first IC experience.

    I understand that it’s a important way of positioning their brands, that’s why I don’t’ “blame” them for that.

    If there’s anyone to guilt, it should be ourselves, who accept a pen to say how great company ‘X’ is…

    But don’t feel bad, J. You’re different – and you know it. And your previous post is evidence enough to prove that!

  2. good to know someone also felt like that in IC. :)

    But there's one guy who rocks the house: alcatel-lucent speaker, howard - or houston - spencer (if I remember his name correclty, I suck at name things)


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