13 September 2008

Blå - feels just like home

In fact this happened almost 2 months ago, but anyway, that's when I felt in the mood, and had time, to write:

Espen, the president of the local committee I am coach, and also one of the funniest person you can cross in the world, told me about this place called Blå, in a district named Grünerløkka. Being a total stranger regarding to norwegian words and Oslo whereabouts and everything regarding to local knowledge, he could well have said something about a place called "Blergh" in "Bronerboca" and that would have made any difference to me.

In fact, that's probably what I understood, considering my very limited norwegian acent listening skills.

But then, we had a little less conversation and a little more action and he SHOWED me the place.

In fact, more than showed the destination, the jorney itself deserves some writting. He appeared at my office at the appointed time, the sun was shinning in this amazing summer day and, instead of using transportation, like metro, bus or tram, we walked. And the path was so amazing! You follow the river, passing through parks, woods and bridges, where, of course, there are people everywhere sunbathing, playing with dogs or just chilling out. Here are pictures of the way:

And that was "just" the path. Can you actually believe that this is the way to a highly cool trendy location, full of young people, pubs and cafes? Oh, yeah. Then, after all the way (15 minutes) walking through the pretty path, than we start to see the signs of the "urbanity" in Grünerløkka:

And, finally, Blå, the pub that we sat for some time to chat about life, the universe and everything (among a couple of 500ml beer, of course). The atmosphere is so relaxed, summer time, the pub s just by the river, in this very cool neighbourhood, it's just amazing! In fact, I felt just like "home", in a neighbourhood called Cidade Baixa, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, very similarly with lots of young people and pubs (and delicious meals). That made me feel home sick, but in a good way. I felt really that this was my place, the right place to be, just like home.

And yes, of course, just like Cidade Baixa, Blå is not alone and there are more pubs around. In fact, this is more or less what is around it (kind of 10-30 steps away):

Ah, summer time in Oslo, what a experience. :)


  1. You lucky man, that seems to be a very green city...
    Hope it's warm at least during the summer ;)


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