05 December 2008

Where are our self-driven learners?

One of the aspects of AIESEC is that you are responsible for your own learning (and the learning of others). Sometimes I just feel frustrated how AIESEC Norway fails to understand this concept (or take action upon it), both from local to national level.

One example happened today: only 10 members subscribed to the conference that will happen in January (deadline for subscription is within the next 2 days). Considering we have 180 members, that's very low number. Then us from the MC have to call local committee presidents to tell then to rally their troops to subscribe to the conference. If we were in Brazil, at this point the conference would be fully subscribed (with arounf 500 delegates) and there would be a waiting list of some more.

What are we doing wrong with these people? Are conferences so crappy that people doesn't want to go? Are people to lay down and just don't care? Maybe the conference concept is something that doesn't work in Norway? Or maybe members from Norway don't see the value in conferences (or maybe in AIESEC)? Or it's just that people are too busy with exams and they will complain they haven't subscribed after the deadline is over? Maybe we haven't been promoting enough?

Lot's of questions and frustrations, mainly for me, talent manager, agenda manager and candidate to president.

Update 11/Dec: our calling to the local committees had some echos, now we are 50 people subscribed and counting. If you think in percentual, that's similar than Brazil, because Norway has 186 members, while Brazil has around 2000. I am feeling better.

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