21 April 2009

360 competency assessment

One of the most cool tool we have in AIESEC intranet (that we call MyAIESEC.net) is the competency assessment tool, provided by Career Innovation, where you can invite people who worked with you to assess your competencies (anonimously). It's a great tool for feedback and for understanding more yours strenghs and weaknesses. I've been using this quite a bit (around 2 years now, I presume) and it made me really improve a lot my self-awareness.

But now one new feature was included: you can make your competency assessment available to some people (like managers and mentors) or completly public, so anyone can see. I went to the 2nd approach and made my last competency assessment (April/2009) here in the office completly public. The people who assessed me were my leader, 3 collegues and one subordinate. You can check it out in this link.

It's especially interesting to check the part on the gaps of perception (where you compare your assessment with the others' assessments) and super assets (where you can check written feedback on what you are outstanding or not)

As you can see, I have a long way to go in dealing with people.

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