14 September 2009

Epiphany: I am not a full-time leader

This epiphany came only tonight at a house meeting with the other 300 people I live with, but in fact reflect lots of actions since I was appointed as the new president of AIESEC Norway:

I am not a full-time leader.

That's my conclusion. I am only a leader when it's expected me to be - it's something, but it's not enough. I want to change this.

Being a leader in my work and not in my personal life doesn't make any sense. The same about having different set of values. Or you are or you are not. There's no grey zone around it.

I will be a full-time leader.




  1. what an interesting topic :)

    it would be nice to understand, why do you feel like "not full-time leader", maybe I can help you..

    how exactly is it reflected in professional/personal life? and how can you have different "set of values"?
    and btw, what does it mean "to be a leader" for you?

    hugs from @ Mace :)

  2. I am still reflecting about all this, but I need to be only one. For example, when we need to deal with people or solve a problem, I behave differently ar work or in my personal life. At work, as MCP, I *have* to behave in a certain way, so I do.

    I just need to understand that I have to behave also as a person like that.

    It's confusing, but I am trying to work with it.

    Thanks for your support by the way.


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