13 November 2009

I booked a meeting today

For the first time in my life I booked a company meeting today. I think I called around 20 companies until I got a "yes". Even though I have an extensive knowledge on AIESEC and what we do, I still struggled a bit until I could call the right company and had the right sales pitch. It's so easy to say "no" on the phone.

For me a company who says "no" to AIESEC is a company that says "no" to brilliant and passionate talent - but that's another discussion, the important part is that I booked a meeting.

I am totally empathic with our sellers in AIESEC that struggle in the begining and sometimes even lose the motivation, but once you pass the "abyss", then the glory of the sales come and then it's only fun.

2 things that helped (both came from my VP Corporate Relations):

1 - the on the spot pitch to explain what is AIESEC - to explain what is AIESEC in 30s, it's easier if you say something: "AIESEC is a leadership development organization to students and recent graduates. The leadership development program is composed of 2 parts, being one of those an international work experience in the field of students of the student or recent graduate".

2 - speak on the same level, been confident and proud about your product - you don't shy away or beg for a meeting, you are offering the most amazing opportunity for the person on the other side of the phone. Simply act like a champ and get a K.O. Book that damn meeting!


Sales is damn fun, eh?

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