24 March 2010

Electric highway

So, Brazilian researchers discovered a way to create electricity from the traffic of cars - it's a special material that can be covered by asphalt and remain with its electric properties.

If you have an increasing volume of electric cars and the movement of the cars generate electricity, that would be really cool, especially in a traffic heavy nation like Brazil, where most of the production is distributed by heavy trucks and such. What about if this would be distributed straight to the public lights?

Now it's just thinking how/when this can be implemented in a large scale that would actually make a difference?

Source: Fiat Mio.

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  1. In Japan they have a similar technology where they capture the energy from people passing through the ticket gates of train stations, and use that energy to power the ticket gates themselves.

    It was being tested in Shibuya station some time ago, not sure if it's still is, though.


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