15 September 2010

The secret Big Bang Team Days (a post that only the chosen ones will understand)

Well, I am not President anymore, but for them, I am always going to be "MCPiiiiiiiiiiii" (with Alex's drunk voice). Yesterday we used Skype Beta to all see each other, even though we are scattered in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and Romania, it felt just like our crazy days in the office. So here is a picture of our team days:

It just coincides with the closing of the books of our term, which made me get very happy for the effort we put in turning the organization around. Before our term, the year result was a loss of 1 million kroner. In our term, we had 111 thousand profit! Way to go my dear Big Bang (and, of course, some special individuals in the organization, to name a few: Hege, Halvard, Andreas, Elizabeth, Kjerstin, Andrea, Catherine, Ane, Tine, Christian and Jan Robert).

Sorry for the random post, but my team deserves it.


  1. MCP!!!!
    CAn I please receive the picture?
    Thank you :)

  2. It looks so cool! Only too bad you missed ROlf's beer ;)

  3. I would love to have the picture! Awesome, dear MCP! And just figured that out... you'll always be MCP for your Big Bangers... how cool is that? :)

  4. people, just right click the picture and select "save as", then the photo is yours

  5. ahahah! I looove your post!

    Sergio, you're a geek. How come you know so much about saving the pics? :P

    it was so lovely to talk to you, guys!!!!


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