02 January 2011

I Scientist - What education should be? What about work?

This is around 30min documentary about kids spending 5 days doing real science how it should be done: in practice and having fun. It's absolutely brilliant to see the kids coming in as students and then evolving into scientists to the point that they run the experiments while the adults become the "lab rats". So moments are so sublime that almost brought me a few tears, like for example one little girl that says it's the happiest thing on her life. If you are interested in education, you certainly will find it fascinating.

I Scientist film from Storymakers TV on Vimeo.

But to be sincere, if you are minimally interested in the subject of education, at this point of time you probably already realized that practical education, experimentation, facilitation, engagement, etc are the way to go to improve the education system. So, for me, for sure education should be like the video - no doubt about it. But what about work? In our knowledge society, shouldn't work be more like the video? If it should, more importantly, could it be done? How? Have you seen anything like this in any company?

(via Sokanu)

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