28 March 2011

What the most admired companies actually do (without blablabla)

FORTUNE magazine recently released its annual list of theWorld’s Most Admired Companies and as we do every year, my colleagues and I at Hay Group took a deep look at the companies that made the list to determine what makes them “tick,” how they earn the admiration of their peers, and what organizations and leaders can learn from the practices of the “Most Admired” companies.
You can read the original article here, or you can skip the blablabla and just go straight to the point of what they do better:

1 - Empower employees at all levels to take decisions and "reasonable" risks, pushing decision making the closest to the action as they can. Less red tape = quicker problem solving (sometimes even before it become a problem).

2 - Ask employees for their input, involve everyone in problem solving.

3 - Ongoing employee development.

Now we know why just a bunch of companies are most admired, while others are ignored. The winner takes all in the war for talent.


  1. omg, this "without blablabla" is so awesome :D :D :D
    first I was laughing a lot abt the title then I found your 3 main points very useful, thnx!
    Btw, it seems to be so much CEE style - "please give us 3 concrete action steps", how come Brazilian guy in Norway came to such attitude? ;)

    hugs from Macedonia,

  2. Anya, I have this style maybe because I like CEE girls too much :P or I was born in the wrong country (or both) :)

    Hugs (soon from India)!


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