17 July 2011

India experience - almost 2 months - the eye in the heart

In which I look and see.

Do you know this thing lots of Indians use in their forehead?

I will not pretend I am a great expert in the subject, just accept my half-baked explanation: this dot is not only decorative, it is a religious sign. Kind of the 3rd eye, or the eye where you see things that your two common eyes do not see. It is also a sign of illumination, the soul, the connection which all of us have with the One (God, the universe, Harry Potter or whatever suits you).

Today some friends and I were in a rickshaw towards a beach resort. The auto driver gave us the pleasure of one of those catchy and rhythmic Indian songs. With this soundtrack, I observed what was going outside, since I was sitting in the outer part of the rickshaw. What I saw was a bunch of randomness, chaos, poverty, faith, sculptures of gods (from Buddha to my dear Ganesh), colors, smiles, sadness, hard work... And then it hit me:

It is pretty!

There is something strangely pretty in all this. One just need to attune the heart eye to perceive something different than classic western beauty. I don't think that was about my two eyes, it was almost like a feeling.

Random post, eh? Have fun!


Why I am not speaking about the blasts in Mumbai? Because no one around here talks about it. Strangely enough, I think I was the one that looked most shocked with the news. No one seems to care. No one even commented about it in the office the day after. Odd.


  1. i guess everyone who lived in India had this sudden discovery - It's pretty!

    never been there, but all my friends who lived there wouldn't love to go back again and again. it's addictive apparently :) don't get stuck there :)

  2. At last! You found the "pretty" side of India! =) Have been living in that "prettiness" for years now. Still enjoying!

    About the Mumbai incident, it's getting too commonplace to comment about it. Don't worry, we are not a non-compassionate race. Inside, we are appalled. I'm not sure if we are more appalled by the fact that there was a blast or that they are getting too commonplace for us to even talk about it.

    But talking about it isn't making any difference either.


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