17 March 2008

Welcome to my house

In which the author presents himself, where he will be going and much more (well, not so much).

Hello, my name is Sérgio (full name: Sérgio Henrique Schüler), but some people call me Jota. I am Brazilian (don't mind the bad English spelling and grammar though) and also I am an AIESECer - which means I work in an international organizational called AIESEC (and I am proud of that). My field of work is dealing with talent management and development (or human resources if you are not aware of the current trends) and I am also proud of that. Yeah, I am proud of many things as you can see, but I also regreat sometimes - but let's not enter this subject now (maybe on other posts).

This blog is a "revival" of my last blog, which was called "Jovem Líder" (exactly "Young Leader" in Portuguese). I decided to switch into English not to embarass myself on how bad my grammar is in this language or for English teachers to use my mistakes as bad cases in classes, but because I am going to work in Norway and, as in an international organization, we use English as the official language. So, now, all AIESECers can (and I hope they may) read my blog, as well as any other English speaking person who is interested in the topics covered here.

Ah, yeah, the topics covered here will be mainly about leadership, talent managament, education and international experience, but I am an human-being and I will tend to share any other random thought also (so I expect you to share your 2 cents too, by using the comments place in each post).

So, welcome to the house, if you are reading this, you are at the entrance.

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