17 March 2008

AIESEC Norway of the world, UNITE!

In which the author presents his new team (even if he doesn't know them too).

Today is sunday.

When I mean "today" I want to say "the day I wrote this", because I am aware you may read this anytime of the week - and the web traffic is particularly low on sundays, so it's very probably you are reading this anytime but sunday. Well, let's leave that be and accept the "sunday" thing. So:

Today is sunday.

And exactly the next sunday I will be bording to Norway. It will be a short stay, I will go on 23/march and I will be back 31/march. The idea is to go there for 3 things:

- Participate in the long term strategic meeting - I don't know much about it, but the idea is to set a long term plan for AIESEC Norway. In this meeting, the current executive board of AIESEC Norway, the elected AIESEC Norway's executive board (me, included) and the presidents of the norwegian local committees.

- Facilitate in one Norwegian national conference named UNITE - I will be one of the facilitators in Unite, a conference mainly for transition of local committees executive boards. This will be great to get to know AIESEC Norway and its members.

- Meet my team :D - about them, I don't know much, but here are the guys:

Sonam Arora
Role: President
Nationality: Indian
Age: 21

The impression I have is that Sonam is an amazing person, cheerful and nice - as lots of indians I have met before, I need to say. We could say Indians should be the true holders of the "world's happiness title" instead of Brazilians, but maybe Brazilians are more party-oriented, while Indians look like happy-oriented.

Sveinung Årseth
Role: Projects Director
Nationality: Norwegian
Age: 23

Sveinung is the person in this team I know the least. Mostly what I know is that his girlfriend is taller than he (don't ask how I know it).

Ida Linn Måløy
Role: External Relations and Communication Director
Nacionality: Norwegian
Age: 22

Looking the emails we exchanged, I can say that Ida is not "closed" (as in "cold") as the classic scandinavian image we have (or I have) - she is not even blonde. She is the ones who answers emails fast and I think she will be a funny person to work with.

Camilla Gullberg
Role: Corporate Relations Director
Nationality: Norwegian
Age: 22

Besides having the most common name in AIESEC Norway, in the beginning I tought Camilla was a little closed (finally meeting my scandinavian stereotype). Then, I couldn't be more wrong - again, she is not even blonde. It's the only person from AIESEC Norway that is on my MSN (maybe in Norway it's not much of a trend to use it?) and we have very funny talks about anything. She seems to be the action type person: she buys the things, organize stuff and run around like crazy. Perfect for selling, eh?

Alexandra Velescu
Role: Exchange Director
Nationality: Romanian
Age: 21

She is as Sveinung: a mistery to me. But this is very comprehensible, because she joined the team just some days ago (she was elected in 2nd round). I met just 3 Romanians in my life and they were completly different from each other, so I really don't know what to expect. But what I do expect, by what I read on her application, is that she is good in what she does.

And, of course, the last one: me.

Sérgio "Jota" Schüler
Role: Talent Management Director
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 26

Well, I know myself pretty well, but I know this international experience will bring up a new me in some misterious way. Let's see what happens.


  1. New blog, hum? You shouldn't have done that, Jota. Now I have to follow three blogs of yours =P (although you never write anything in Textorama. =])

    Your new teammates look like cool people, and I realize you're quite excited with this experience! That's right, man. Show to Norway all the talent AIESEC in Brazil missed =P

    Best luck for you! I wish you have an amazing experience there! And please keep us posted about everything!


  2. Hey, Filipe,

    Well, I gave Textorama a rest because of my final paper in university. And Jovem Líder is closed, so for now you just need Young-Leader and a little of Textorama, hehehe.

    For sure I will keep this update, pass by anytime and thanks for your best wishes. :)


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