14 August 2008

Oslo - first sight seeing photos

Oslo, where do I start? I arrived here in the 15th of June 2008, my first experience here with the so called summer. But, what I saw, was not summer (for me) at all. Everyday it was raining and I needed to use sweathers. Fortunately, this was not the true summer and some 1-2 weeks after my arrival, I've expirienced the most agradable days - on the boarder of 30 degrees - sunny and happy.

These are photos from my 2nd or 3rd weekend in Oslo, where I went sight seeing alone (because I was tired of people and didn't want anyone trying to guide me through this amazing town).

Carl Johan, one of the most cute (and expensive) streets in Oslo:

The fortress in Oslo:

The amazing view from the top of the fortress:

The Royal Palace (for me it's so strange to have a real king living there):

What is most amazing in the Royal palace is that, besides having royal blood or whatever, there's very few guards around and you can enter the royal garden (which is AMAZING) and be there. And people really do. Lots of people having a sun bath around, even in swiming suit (a little funny to me). By the way, here it's totally common to go to a park using your swiming suit and just lay down, getting some tan.

The only part with no people I could find in the Royal palace's garden:

Nathional Theater:

Then I got a ferry boat to go to some kind of very close island (and the amazing part is that the ferry was a "normal" public transport, so it was covered in my monthly transporta card).

Photos from the trip and the island:

And what most non-Norwegian speakers call "statues park", or, how they call, Frognerparken. There's also another name, Vigeland park. The thing about this big park in the hearth of Majorstuen (the very nice semi-fancy neighbourhood where I live) is that it's full of statues. Maybe there are hundreds, I don't know. And they were all done by this Vigeland dude. Pretty obsessive, eh? Still, it's really nice park and I was used to run there every once in a while - more in a while than once, to be really true.


Stortinget, the parliment:

And yes, this was only in one day. Oslo is not a big city at all (and that's one of the reasons I love it). I prefer much more Oslo than Stockholm, for example, even Stockholm being so much prettier.

That's it for now. Soon, more on Oslo underworld, Stockholm stuff, conferences, perceptions and what comes, comes in good time.


  1. It looks a beautiful city to live... at least in summertime =]

    enjoy your time there, my friend!

  2. yeah, soon I will see how is it in the winter. :) but it's probably very beautiful also, all white.


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