13 August 2008

Reactivating and change proposal

It's been a while I don't write, since before leaving Brazil to go to Oslo. But know I will make this more lively blog, with 1-2 posts per week. My ambition, my vision, my dream to it is very very low though (and that's no problem as long as it suits me and anyone interested in it):

I will post 1-2 times a week, maybe more at some points, maybe less at others, and I will talk randomly about my experience, things that happen to me, things that amaze or frustrate me. You may expect some misspelling (or lots) of it. In between one error and another, I might come with some lucky shot and good insight or a good link or quote that I saw somewhere.

As I said, the ambition is low - at least for the blog, not for my life.

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