25 September 2008

This week in Oslo

There's sun everyday. This is the view from our office:

Good to stay together, doing nothing, with who you love. The bad part is that I am usually alone, doing too much and she is far away.

Well, at least I can enjoy the theoretical possibility of seizing the spring-like weather.


  1. Hi... Nice post.. Could you help me with your template? Am using the same template...But I do not get the date displayed next to the post title.It does not get displayed at all.. Please help..

  2. I had a similar problem, the date was all screwed up. It was a problem with the setup of date in my blog (the order of day, month, etc).

    To make it work (I think) set your date as this format "09 October 2008".

    I think that might solve. :) If not, go to where you got the template from, because I remember the solution was there.

  3. Thanks Friend for your reply !!

    Nope.. I tried changing the date format too !! All in vain.. I browsed throught the entire xml script..The script does not read the dateHeader at all.

    I got the template from a site where the language was Greek and Latin to me. So I dont think that will help either !


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