29 October 2008

Fall and winter

Even though I am from a particularly “seasoned” place in Brazil - with spring, summer, fall and winter - it’s very new to me the way things are here in Norway. Fall is particularly beautiful (especially when there is some sun). All the leaves on the ground, the people with nice coats, the cold that makes you want to hold hands and grab tight the one you love. There’s something in the air, a different “smell”, as Alexa, my Romanian co-worker, says.

Here are some photos of my fall experience:

But the title of this post is "fall and winter", so, I need also something about that.

Today I woke up, as usually I wake up, a little grumpy, and start to walk around the apartment with only one thing in my head: wash my face in the bathroom. When I was crossing the living room, I look outside, just to check if it's raining or not, and then I get surprised. My surprise was not because I've seen something extraordinary, as a moose or anything, but it was because all the world was SHINY WHITE.

The first Oslo snow of the season.

Imediatly, as a wanna-be-tourist, got my very bad and old digital camera and started to shoot. So here it is:


  1. wow!! snow already??? :o in Budapest it's still warm :P

    About autumn - it indeed has a different smell... and wait for the spring... that also has a different smell and there's also something "in the air" ;)

    And about the snow... reading your post I remembered last year when I had exactly the same experience in Prague... the same excitement with the white landscape outside my window... :)

    Enjoy it!!! The seasons in Europe are much more beautiful and magical than ours over there... ;)

  2. yeah, but it was just the first snow. Now it's not snowing anymore. It will start soon, I guess. :)


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