09 March 2009

Coaches Training Institute (CTI) – Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals Course

Thanks to a deal between CTI and AIESEC Norway, my collegues and I had the opportunity to attend the Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals Course, given by CTI Norway.

Being in so much AIESEC conferences with all kinds of learning seminars, sometimes you get used and don’t expect much from this kind of course. But after I got there, wow, it was trully very powerful learning. After the 2 days and a half course in Co-Active Coaching I can say that I’ve not only turned into a 100% better coach and leader, but also a better person. And that’s only the first one, they have, as I remember, more 3 or 4 courses that complete the Co-Active Coaching Curriculum. I must say that I am very willing to go on the other courses too, each one dealing with different aspects of the Co-Active Coaching Model.

The 2 facilitators (it’s probably better to refer them as “coaches” simply), Bill and Roxane, were amazing and inspiring. They had 2 different styles that complemented each other. Of course the coaches played a big role in our learning, but the course is so practical that sometimes you barely need them. It’s all inside us – thus one of the pillars of the Co-Active Coaching Model: the client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. We coached and experienced coaching from all sides, for 3 days and the results were amazing. I think there’s no better way of proving the point that coaching is super useful than actually coaching and being coached – and that the course was totally succesful.

And about “us”, the participants, it was such a heterogeneous group that in the beginning I was afraid of the result and the focus. We had from 23 year old to 60, from tech experts to business leaders, consultants, people who want to change career to be coaches, people with masters in coaching, people who worked with Mother Theresa in Calcuta, etc. Definitely I learned so much from each person, breaking even some stereotypes and judgments I had in the past. It was almost an enlightening experience, if you let me be so “new age woogie boogie”.

This coursed even sparked me the willingness (again) to be a professional coach. Who knows where this might lead me? It’s very connected to what I see as my mission: to develop my potential by supporting the developing in others potential. Also it could be some valuable tool for my idea of the “school of the future”.

If I could recommend just one course for people that the main work is dealing with other people, I think this would be the one.

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