08 March 2009

Peak experiences

AIESEC is quite fun and you learn so much that it’s hard to describe, but sometimes it can be quite stressful environment. Naturally, we strive for quite stretching goals, deal with high pressure for results and that’s how we learn also. But from time to time you have this kind of experience that is absolutely life-changing and that pays-off all the sub-optimal voluntary salary, stress, working in some weekends and all the things that sometimes we do. Some people call them peak experiences and I am quite found of the name, because it’s almost like being high, so much fulfilled, happy and whole you feel.

I’ve had quite some peak experiences in AIESEC and the last months I had quite some: I already mentioned in this blog my election for President of AIESEC in Norway and selecting my team, but there were also 2 more that I will describe in next posts: CTI coaches training and International Presidents Meeting.

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