29 June 2010

Competency development through AIESEC

When I say that I learned a whole lot in AIESEC, it's really enough learning to consider myself a different person. And this is not only on practical skills (like how to manage a budget), but also in my whole behavior as a person. I act differently. This, AIESEC calls competency development.

In AIESEC you can develop 5 competencies (that we believe are the competencies that leaders need to change the world for better). We track the development of these competencies checking how frequent you have certain behaviors connected to those competencies. We score them from 0 (not shown at all) to 4 (master). The competencies are:

1. Global Mindset 
Definition: Actively seeking to encourage diversity; shows openness and respect towards other cultures, works effectively with individuals of diverse cultures, styles and abilities, making optimum use of their insights and ideas towards the fulfillment of goals.

2. Entrepreneurial Outlook
Definition: Demonstrating ability in coming up with and implementing new ideas, organizing and managing resources and opportunities, engaging and influencing others, taking risks and finding innovative solutions to increase performance.

3. Social Responsibility
Definition: Approaching social, economic, environmental issues in a sustainable manner and taking a prompt action for improvement while considering the long term consequences of actions and the involvement of others.

4. Emotional Intelligence
Definition: Showing consistency and honesty about own intentions, motives, feelings, recognizing own feelings and those of others demonstrating respect, empathy and appropriate behaviour towards others; adjusting to different situations and personalities.

5. Proactive Learning
Definition: Demonstrating self-awareness, identifying areas for development of self and others; continuously increasing own/others knowledge and skills by trying different learning methods.

Want to know how do I rank on them? See the image bellow (the orange bars are the approximate score I had when I joined AIESEC, you can see I went through quite a development):

PS: my social responsibility and global mindset probably would be higher if I went on a development exchange.

And bellow are some of the things written about me by other people when they were evaluating my competencies:

Things that Sergio is good with:

Focusing on end results and targets - I think Sergio has very clear in his mind what the final results should be and he is personally focusing on it. Sergio does not let anyone he is working with lose sight of the end results and targets either.

Staying calm when faced with difficult situations - I believe Sergio has always shown an incredible calm when dealing with challenges and unexpected situations. This calm also brought solutions to the table.

Analysing information and situations - Active analysis of information provided gives Sergio an excellent understanding of situations which enables him to quickly deal with them.

Using knowledge and expertise effectively - Sergio has an impressive "database" of knowledge, techniques, procedures etc which he uses to accomplish what he wants to do.

Delivering on promises and commitments - Sergio would never take on something that he does not deliver upon. If he says he is going to do it, you feel confident that it will be done, and it will be done good.

Managing own workload efficiently - Sergio is really a role model on this area. He always manages his workload so that he finishes well before the deadline.

You can count on Sergio to…
… generate new ideas and implement them;
… to trust his team to do what they say they should do, but at the same time follow up to make sure it's done;
… have a clear idea on what he wants and how to get there. He is excellent at communicating this and at convincing people of the logic behind.
… act as a professional when needed, to reflect upon his own learning
… to be strict when he feels it's needed.
… give you a solution when you run out of or when you are in difficult situation.
… Always show and remind the direction the organization should head towards.
… Include people in planning, organizing, decision making.
… Listen to people's feelings
… Take the commitments he make in a working situation very seriously
… always be well prepared to start a process, meeting or whatever.
…give honest feedback

PS: of course I put only the good stuff, what are you thinking about? :)

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