21 July 2010

"I knew that being president couldn't lead to unemployment"

That was what my successor as president in AIESEC Norway told me, about 2 weeks ago, when he heard that I've got a job in the human resources of Yara International. It wasn't easy, but finally my 5 years in AIESEC paid off. Don't get me wrong, I know it paid off a lot in terms of development and experiences that I will only be able to get 10 years ahead in my career, but it doesn't help me if only me and other AIESECers know that. And I was extremely lucky, since they were looking for someone with my expertise (a mix of communication and human resources) and the new head of human resources in Yara was the head of HR in UBS, which is a proud and happy AIESEC partner. So when I was in the interview, I already started with a good impression, since he knew AIESEC from before and my new boss also knew AIESEC because Yara was a partner of AIESEC Norway.

It's sincerely a relief to have a job, after 3 or 4 months of daily job applications and negative answers. What is most extreme is that in the same week I received an offer from Yara and from another big company I admire a lot. Statistically that was very unlikely, but, well, it happened and it helped boost my self-confidence after such a long period of feeling useless - especially after applying for jobs from a wide range of opportunities, from management to shop assistant and everything that is in between.

I start at Yara on 1st of August, but I am already working some days a week and I am enjoying it a lot. But in the next days I should speak about my job, it deserves a whole post only for it. :)


  1. I'm so proud of you!!! and finally, you can be rich in Norway :P So hope, you will visit me in Helsinki :)

  2. Really, only to visit you, because Helsinki is not very VISITABLE, right? hahaha :)

    Yara has some important operations in Finland, maybe I can crash by! :D

  3. Haha, as I usually say, sometimes, there are no opportunities for a long period of time, and in other times, there are 2, 3 and more in a very short time! Simply incredible! Congratulations once again, you deserved it totally!

  4. Parabéns! Pena que não é com a Opera, mas tenho certeza que é ainda melhor pra você. Sucesso!!!


  5. Congrats! That's the problem with NGO's. The employers think that they know best and pass you in a job because you are form an NGO, and they are afraid you will take their places. Happend to me once, but now society finaly understands the NGO roll in the life and accept it.

    Best of luck, and promote the spirit.


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